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Land of the Giants
By Pam Andrews
(Approx. 49 min)
You and your children are invited to visit life in a land where everything...and I mean everything is larger than life.

The Giants, a little league baseball team, have just won their game, and they are worried about their next big game where they will be facing the Phillies. They have the biggest, baddest, battling line-up in the area.

Then, they find out that Zach, a bully and former Phillie, will be joining their team. Zach arrives and throws their only ball over the fence.

They climb through a loose board and discover the LAND OF THE GIANTS, where grass towers over their heads and soda cans are bigger than barrels. Hopper, a cool critter, introduces the kids to people from the Bible who, though small, were giants of the faith.

Your children will discover the message of courage and faith in God and his Son, Jesus. Jump the fence and join us in the LAND OF THE GIANTS!

Song Title Length Sample   
1 Land of the Giants--Overture
2 Scene 1
3 The Game
4 Scene 2
5 Double Trouble
6 Scene 3
7 Land of the Giants
8 Scene4
9 God Is There
10 Scene 5
11 Courage
12 Scene 6
13 Have Faith In God
14 Scene 7
15 Zach Attack
16 Scene 8
17 You Are My lord
18 Scene 9
19 Giant Jam--Finale
20 Land of the Giants--Bow Music
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