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Project Title:   Land of the Giants
Item:   Orchestration
Price:   $129.95

Land of the Giants Orchestration
(not included in the All-In-One package)

The parts (pdf's) can be downloaded or shipped on a CD data disk.

This orchestration in similar to, but not exactly what you hear on the recording.
The main difference is what the brass and saxes are playing. The orchestration parts give them a lot more to do, are more practical for most players, and make it more energetic for a live performance.

The rhythm section parts are pretty much the same for this orchestration and the recording.

For a live performance, try to have at least one electric guitar or a synth player to cover that part.

As always, the more players you have, the better it will probably sound, but it could be performed live by whatever group you can put together from the list below.

This orchestration is written for:

2 guitars (electric and/or acoustic)
Electric Bass
2 Trumpets
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

I hope you enjoy performing Land of the Giants!

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