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Twas the Night After Christmas
By Pam Andrews
(50 minutes)
The annual Christmas celebrations are over.

A family is about to store away the decorations when the mom decides to separate some of the decorations for a yard sale. The angel is worn and has a broken wing because she is a favorite toy of the daughter, Leigh. Should the angel go to the yard sale? The joy is that in the musical, the decorations
actually come to life and console the angel. But in the end, the mom uses the broken angel to remind the family of Jesus and his love throughout the year.

This musical has a wide range and even some adult characters making
casting work even for the smallest of choirs.

Song Title Length Sample   
1 Twas the Overture
2 It's Christmas
3 Scene 1
4 His Name Is Jesus
5 Scene 2
6 Celebrate
7 Scene 3
8 Yard Sale
9 Scene 4
10 You Gotta Look Up
11 Scene 5
12 Angels Medley
13 Scene 6
14 Dear Lord
15 Scene 7
16 Remember Jesus Every Day of the Year
17 Scene 8
18 Christmas Should Happen Each Day—Finale
19 Twas the Bow Music
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