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Elijah Rock
By Pam Andrews
Elijah Rock tells the story of courage and strength that we all need to hear during these difficult times. God called Elijah to tell King Ahab, Queen Jezebel, and the Israelites of his day, to turn from the worship of Baal, a false god, to the One and Only True Lord God.

Elijah knew God would destroy them if they did not turn away from their sin. But, the people would not listen and Elijah went into hiding as a long drought came upon the land.

When the day came for Elijah to again face Ahab and Jezebel, he offered a challenge between himself and the prophets of Baal. Each would build an altar, but not light the fire—that would be left to the most powerful god.

Baal’s prophets prayed, but failed. After pouring water over his altar, Elijah prayed to Almighty God. Fire ignited and consumed everything. The faith Elijah showed in God and his courage to stand for Him is a great story that kids and adults need to hear today. will love the songs. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!

The drama is a special live performance by the cast of the Greater Gaston Baptist Association children's choir, Gastonia, North Carolina, USA.


Elijah--- Big Part— Solos
Townsperson 1--- about 12-14 lines—1 very short Solo
Townsperson 2--- about 12-14 lines—1 very short Solo
Townsperson 3--- about 12-14 lines—1 very short Solo
Townsperson 4--- about 12-14 lines—1 very short Solo
Birds--- Group Solo
Widow --- 1 Solo
Widow’s Son--- 1 Solo
King Ahab--- Big Part—short Solos
Queen Jezebel--- Big Part— short Solos
Obadiah --- Fairly Big Part—no solos
Baal Prophet 1 --- about 4-5 lines
Baal Prophet 2--- about 4-5 lines
Baal Prophet 3--- about 4-5 lines

Song Title Length Sample   
1 Elijah Rock Overture
2 Home, Sweet Home
3 Scene 1
4 Follow the Lord
5 Scene 2
6 Trust in God
7 Scene 3
8 Turn Around
9 Scene 4
10 Elijah Rock
11 Scene 5
12 Twelve Stones
13 Scene 6
14 I Believe
15 Scene 7
16 Let's Give Thanks
17 Scene 8
18 Let It Rain! Finale
19 Elijah Rock Bow Music
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