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The Perfect Gift
By Pam Andrews
(approx 46 min)
A Christmas Musical-Drama set at Bethlehem Mall and the Star of Wonder Gift Shoppe where you will find a capable staff ready to lend a hand to the customers seeking the “perfect gift.” Weary from travel, three Wise Men who have been following the star, enter the shop seeking special gifts to present to the New King who they believe to be in Bethlehem. Discover through magnificent songs, hilarious humor, and a touching story that Jesus was “The Perfect Gift” from God to the world and the best gift we can give to Jesus is our hearts. Performance time: Approx. 46 minutes. Cast range: 11-15 characters.

All the Resource Materials and Music for this Musical can be downloaded or you can purchase hard copies which will come as PDF files on a CD.

For the following audio samples, the scenes are the complete dialogue/script, and the songs are shortened versions.


Star - The Store Manager wears Biblical clothes (for a male add a coat and tie)
Reggie - Reggie is a Jamaican type character with a dreadlocks wig. He could wear Biblical clothes in Jamaican type colors. You might want to add Hawaiian leis to complete the look.
Phebe - Phebe should have Biblical clothes with a boa and flashy jewelry
Lydia - Lydia should have Biblical clothes with a pretty bow in her hair. You might also want to add jewelry.
Sarah - Sarah should have Biblical clothes with a pretty headband. You might also want to add jewelry.
Elizabeth - Biblical clothes with a purse and hat
Man - Biblical clothes with a coat and tie
Boy - Biblical clothes with a baseball cap and tennis shoes
Goldie - Wise Man Biblical clothes…crown, and brilliant colors—Goldie should have lots of gold coloring in his costume
Frankie - Wise Man Biblical clothes…crown, and brilliant colors—Frankie should have lots of purple coloring in his costume
Murray - Wise Man Biblical clothes…crown, and brilliant colors—Murray should have lots of blue coloring in his costume

Optional Cast
Mary - Mary should be dressed in a standard blue Mary style costume.
Joseph - Joseph should be dressed in standard brown Joseph style costume.
BabyJesus - He should be a large Baby Doll wrapped in a cloth or a very young child.
Children 1-4 - The Perfect Gift T-shirt and jeans

Following are the listed solos. Remember, you can add or delete solos according to choice. Please note: The Optional small groups are mini choirs you can pull from your choir. They can learn harmony and echoes. This feature provides a means for more parts for your choir.

Overture - None
SONG 1: The Perfect Gift - Optional) Store Employees (Optional) Harmony Group
SONG 2: Jesus Is His Name - Reggie
SONG 3: We’re Lookin’ For Jesus - Goldie, Frankie, Murray, (Optional) Small Group of Girls
SONG 4: Help Is On the Way! - Star, Phebe, Lydia, Sarah, Reggie
SONG 5: Heart of Gold - None (Optional) Harmony Group
SONG 6: Joy Medley - Rap Solo
SONG 7: Peace On Earth - Solo 1, Solo 2, (Optional) Harmony Group
SONG 8: Jesus Is Born - None (Optional) Harmony Group
SONG 9: The Perfect Gift –Finale - Solo 1
Bow Music - None

Song Title Length Sample   
1 The Perfect Gift—Overture
2 Scene 1
3 The Perfect Gift
4 Scene 2
5 Jesus Is His Name
6 Scene 3
7 We're Lookin' For Jesus
8 Scene 4
9 Help Is On the Way!
10 Scene 5
11 Heart of Gold
12 Scene 6
13 Joy Medley
14 Scene 7
15 Peace On Earth
16 Scene 8
17 Jesus Is Born
18 Scene 9
19 The Perfect Gift—Finale
20 The Perfect Gift—Bow Music
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