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Project Title:   32 Homemade Instruments & Worship Tools Vol. 1
Item:   Hymns Rock + 32 Homemade Instruments & Worship Tools Vol. 1
Price:   $24.95

For a limited time save $10 when you purchase both Hymns Rock and the 32 Homemade Instruments & Worship Tools Vol. 1 together.

Download or have us ship.


Created by Pam Andrews and John DeVries, this product is an excellent way to teach steady beat to children. There is a prominent steady pulse in each medley which helps the children feel the heartbeat of the music. Adding movements or worship tools is both fun and educational for every child. The medleys are all musically different, reflecting various styles for the children to move to. As a bonus, the children will learn the great classic hymn melodies as they participate in energetic movements. Even though it's not primarily intended as a sing-along, you may find yourself singing AND moving to the tracks.

With every CD comes a booklet suggesting movement activities, hands-on activities and prop ideas for each individual medley. (As a download this will be in a pdf format) Be creative. Make up your own ideas as well. Use more than one prop in a medley. Combine movements to give the activity variety. You will be reinforcing steady beat and getting out loads of wiggles in the process.

Hyms Rock contains 6 high energy medleys.

32 HOMEMADE INSTURMENTS & Worship Tools Vol. 1

Enhance your children's worship experience with easy-to-create homemade instruments and worship tools.

At seminars and workshops Pam has long shared her ideas of homemade instruments and worship tools that enhance the worship experience for children. In Volume 1, you will find sixteen instruments and suggestions on how to use them with your choir. Children love the hands-on experience worship tools add to the songs they sing.

If you download, your files will be in a pdf format. A shipped copy will come as a book.
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