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Project Title:   The Dogwood Story
Item:   FREE - He is Alive RINGTONE
Price:   $0.00

He Is Alive--Free Ringtone without purchase!

As is turns out, ringtones can be an a variety of file formats, one of most common being mp3. Your computer sees the mp3 and will open it in windows media player. To get the ringtone to your phone depends on your specific type of phone.

The best place to start is:

Consult your phone's user guide to find out how to transfer a ringtone to your phone. Or contact their tech support via telephone.

Methods include: Bluetooth, USB data cable, and via email, which might include an additional fee from your service provider.

Software programs are available that will let you transfer files (video, pictures, ringtones, contacts) for free, via USB cable.

Googe the term “Ringtone”

OR alternatively, try to find a tech-savvy young person that knows how do to this--that's often the easiest way.
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